Friday, February 21, 2014

This, Is, Bullshit.

Just when I make up my mind to engage in one final push on behalf of the Democrats this election cycle...

Look, I don't care for this Bush administration bailout plan as it currently stands one damned bit. The greedy Wall Street assholes responsible for last week's economic meltdown want to dump it all on the taxpayers. And Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson seems quite happy to do their bidding -- especially since he might get his own unitary executive privileges, free of any and all sorts of oversight, out of the deal. There's nothing new or surprising about certain folks on Wall Street or their Republican enablers in D.C. trying to find new ways to turn disaster into capital -- when all you've ever really been good at and for is lusting after power and money, kicking others in the gut while they're down is pretty much the only outlet for pleasure available to you.

What gets me is that the Democrats in Congress just might go for this plan. It wouldn't be the first time they got buffaloed by their supposed political counterparts, of course. But when you place this twelve-figure bailout plan next to a war in Iraq that's going to cost more than one trillion dollars, a war in Afghanistan that is spinning out of control, what looks like an undeclared war in Pakistan now underway, our military doing all it can not to break under the strain of two (or three) wars, and then when soldiers come back wounded and traumatized, they can't even get decent treatment for their service to their country...

There's no way we can sustain all of this at once. And that's not even getting into our inability to maintain our own roads, bridges, levees, et cetera. I understand why the heads of corrupt banks and insurance companies want the people they've swindled to indemnify them for being swindlers -- they're human scum, period. But given the magnitude of this scandal -- I mean, people have been losing their homes, but people's nest eggs and pensions are being fucked with on a higher scale now than before -- why would the Democrats sign off on this without at least adding legislation that offered comparable protection to the victims of the swindling? If the taxpayers have to eat this, shouldn't they get to decide how they're going to eat it?

And if Paulson gets what he wants... Well...

I guess there won't be much left to say after all. Other than the choice of words that will be on the banner displayed for the cameras and home viewers while Bush signs the bill he wants into law. I adjusted to the Dems allowing something as heinous as the military commissions act to be signed into law -- there at least remained the chance that they'd locate that elusive spine of theirs and undo that legislation once they were in a position to do so. Or a convincing illusion of a chance. But if they let these greedy fuckers off without a hitch this time, this late into Bush's presidency? I don't think I could adjust to that, not after all the passes I've already given that party.

I wonder if this is how battered wives who keep giving their piece of shit husbands one chance after another feel? If what convinces them to stay is a kind of dread that, as bad as the relationship is, breaking it off would be even worse? Because that's the closest thing to an analogy I can come up with -- the main difference is, I'm not actually married. I never took an oath or a vow to give my loyalty to the Democratic Party, I didn't sign a contract, I just decided it was the best decision to make. None of this is binding -- I just keep holding out hope that the Dems will FINALLY start expecting as much of themselves as I, and millions of others, expect of them, and act accordingly. We're on the brink of a second great depression now. This is their time.

If they cave this time...

They can fuck November 4. The relationship's over. In fact, they can have the house and everything in it, because I won't want to look at anything that reminds me of them. Okay? All I ask from then on is that they refrain from contacting me at all times (i.e.: no more e-mailing me for donations -- they didn't ask me if I wanted to bail out a bunch of Wall Street crooks, they'll have no right to beg for any more handouts). I'm serious. I've managed to put up with illegal wiretapping, torturing of innocents in my name, my country's good name going sour because of a war launched on bogus pretenses, and all kinds of other shit only because I always thought there was a chance I'd see my side make reparations and deliver some justice in the end. The people we're expected to bail out and, in essence, exonerate them for their corruption and treachery? They never cared about who they hurt or destroyed as long as the money kept pouring into their coffers. They never gave a damn about America, only themselves and their net worths. I expect the Republicans in Congress to try and force me to pay for these scumbags' rottenness. But I also expect the Dems to put up one hell of a fight to keep this from happening. If they don't, then the only conclusion I can reasonably draw is that the Dems don't really give a damn about America, either.

And that, is, bullshit.

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