Friday, February 21, 2014

If You Think Things Are Screwed Up Now, Wait Four Years...

From sewa tenda , in its entirety:

You know, Bush's proposed $770 billion bailout plan should probably come with the warning that there cannot be any more preemptive wars, that all wars must have the consent of Congress beforehand, and that the US should withdraw from Iraq upon implementation of this bailout.

I have heard it said that the US only collects about 1.3 trillion dollars in taxes annually, so Bush's war plus the maintenance of a standing military plus the bailouts will literally leave us broke. So much for "tax and spend."

Those of you who voted for him have much to answer for. {My emphasis}

I would amend that to "so much for 'spend and spend'," and add that we should be bracing for "tax and tax" because I don't see any other way to begin climbing out of this friggin' pit. But I'm just quibbling. Anyway...

Here's what you can probably expect over the next four years. Unemployment going up. Higher prices. Higher taxes. A lower overall standard of living. Still no national health insurance. More people losing their homes because they can't make their mortgage payments. And this is if Obama wins the election -- I don't really want to imagine what would happen during a McCain presidency, so we'll stick with a hypothetical Obama one for now.

And then, come 2012, whoever the Republican candidate for president is will blame the entire mess on Obama and the Democrats, ignoring everything that transpired during the preceding eight years -- especially the last of those eight -- and how nearly all of the problems that have plagued the Obama administration were inherited from Bush & Co. It'll be Ronald Reagan redux -- "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?" -- and you just watch that question stick in the minds of the American people long enough to make the whole ugly Republican lather-rinse-repeat cycle start all over again. Hell, the Republicans are still blaming some of our problems on Bill Clinton more than seven years into Bush's presidency. Why would Obama fare any better?

And if we end up with McCain? Well, we'll all have much to answer for then...