Friday, February 21, 2014

Of Camels and the Eyes of Needles...

I've been had. Boy, have I been had.

And now I'm getting exactly what I deserve, in the forms of frustration, disillusion, disgust, and humiliation.

I take back everything I've said about Barack Obama giving the best speech since Martin Luther King had a dream. I take back everything I've said about being glad I voted for Obama in Virginia's primary. I withdraw, once and for all, every last bit of support for the Democratic Party I've granted it. I don't like being used, I don't like seeing others being used, and I don't care what befalls a political party that manipulates people at a time when most of those people are inclined to trust that party in doing whatever it can to repair what's been wantonly broken.

Go read Pulsa Murah and streaming film subtitle indonesia if you want to know why. Not all that long ago, I thought little of Obama, dismissing him as a corporatist Democrat. His "A More Perfect Union" speech in Philadelphia impressed me -- at the time. And I started to give him more and more credence -- the more I heard him talk, the more I liked him.

Stupid me.

On Monday, Jeremiah Wright went on the Toob with Bill Moyers and said a bunch of things that made Obama look like a fool for defending him in March. So Obama formally cut Wright loose. Originally, I thought that Obama had no other choice, and left it at that. Bad decision.

What I should have done was go and see what Wright actually said, rather than taking Obama's word merely because he'd been impressing me almost without fail for several weeks. Again, go read Floyd and Silber -- they have it right, I got it all wrong. And to everyone who took my side, I am very sorry for misleading you so badly.

I have more to say. But right now, I have to unscramble it...