Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I Do So Enjoy Other People's Misery

Still in a vile frame of mind. So when John Aravosis at AmericaBlog went on his quarterly tirade about Ralph Nader, it warmed the cockles of my very meager heart.

"The man lost us two elections, he deserves to be roasted on a spit."

Gee, John, how did Nader cost "you" the election when Gore couldn't even carry his home state?
How did Nader cost "you" the election when barely 51% of eligible voters cast a ballot in 2000? (Compared to the recent French run-off election when voter turnout was nearly 85%...the French obviously felt something was at stake....) And please explain to me why, in a country where we "celebrate" our right to vote for anyone we damn well please, was I obliged to vote "your way?" (Now John has lots of degrees and he's willing to whip them out at a moment's provocation to demonstrate his superior knowledge in these matters so be careful). I didn't care for Gore at the time and nor did I believe that the American Public could be stupid enough to elect George Bush. Now I now that the majority of my fellow citizens are fuckin' morons and I treat them with the respect due fuckin' morons.

I held my nose and voted for Kerry in 2004. But let me ask you this, oh Special Voice and Seer of the Democratic Process and Party, Kerry was the best you folks could come up with????
Kerry couldn't beat one of the worst sitting Presidents since Nixon. How did Nader cost "you" that one?

I am proud to say I did NOT cast one single ballot for a Democrat in 2006. I even voted against Rep. George Miller, who is a liberal Democratic Institution in this district (holding office since 1974). I voted for the Libertarian, who did rather well.

But here we are six months into 2007 and it's still necessary to bash Ralph Nader. Hey...wait...
just a moment...didn't the Democrats take back Congress in the 2006 elections? Wait, the Democrats hold majorities in both houses, so things should be looking up, shouldn't they? It would seem you would be able to check this unitary executive run amuck and steer the country back on course...How about withholding funding for the war until you get a timetable for withdrawal? How about launching some investigations into the events leading up to the war (and we'll overlook the fact that every single Democrat voted "yes" on the War Powers Authorization Act)? How about a couple of quick resolutions saying the war isn't going too well?

Meanwhile public approval of Congress is lower than that of Bush...a Democratic Congress I might add...is lower than that of Bush. Tell me, how did you manage that?

Better to revile Nader than look at your own failings.

And even at this early stage of the two year root canal, I doubt I'll be voting for any Democrats.