Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Stress of Moving House

Many research found that moving to a new house is one of the most stressful experiences in life, but what exactly makes moving home so stressful? It suppose to be a happy things in life when you can get out from your old house and move to your new one. Just to remind you, moving to a new house will also moving some of your belongings. Even I said with "some" I bet it won't be small pieces of items. A lot things to do and thats why it will increase your stressfulness of this job.

According to the data, about 534.000 people move house every year, maybe on some busy sunny day you can see one of your neighbour with a professional movers to help them package their stuff.

That was so many studies discussed about stressful of moving house and some of the factors are:
  • Nearly one in four people, they are having a high rate of stressful mind when they are preparing to move house.
  • Almost 40% of second-time buyers thought the second move was more stressful than the first.
  • People looking older than they should be and suffer age-related sympthoms.
Quite creepy isn't it? The best way to decrease your stressful level is hire a professional movers. There are plenty of moving companies spread all over the states. Like one in Chicago. The company provide a Chicago moving services with a lot of exprtise to help people you bare with it.

A professional movers in Chicago should be have lots of knowledge, ask them what to do and don't to save your energy to make it more productive.

At least, there are 5 causes of house moving stress:
  1. Finding a suitable house. This situation should be done before all of it start. You should now first where you will live for a long time.
  2. Waiting to hear about an offer. Finding a new house is need patient, getting offers too.
  3. Waiting for an offer. After you get your new one, better you sell the old one to gain more money but it will takes time even you are using a property agency to sell your house. Just be patient until you get an offer, it helps to killing your stressful mind.
  4. Saving for a deposit. Moving to a new house will cause losing a lot of money so you have to deposit and seperade your spending budget.
  5. Unpacking a new house. Definitely! Unpacking and rearrange the new settings will extremely tiring.
Thats no doubt moving is stressful but with the plenty of moving company, sure it will help. Just pick the best one of moving service company.