Friday, February 21, 2014


I will do two multi-post book reviews in February, one starting on Monday the 5th* 6th, the other on Monday the 19th* 20th. The first deals with a certain top ten Texas-based corporation that went ker-boom in 2001, the second with a certain executive branch's unruly behavior during wartime -- whose monarch wanna-be poster boy for arrested development has a cattle-free and brush-laden ranch in Texas. And those are the only hints I'm giving you.
A clarification: I intended to do three book reviews during November and December, but I only did two -- Robert Baer's Sleeping with the Devil and Lawrence Velvel's Misfits in America. The third book I wanted to review deals extensively with the author of another book, but I didn't know this before I started reading. It soon became clear that, in order to do a just review, I'd have to tackle the referenced book as well. So I've put that particular review on hold. Major setback, hairy project. I don't know when or if I'll get to it, but I do know that in this case a lack of a review is better than a half-assed one.
That's for anyone who actually remembers me saying I wanted to do three reviews.
But there will be two reviews in February, barring a computer breakdown or a medical emergency rendering me Internetless. You have been duly warned, senoras and horsemen.
Til further on...
(*: Post updated shortly after looking at the calendar. I'm just slowly growing old, people, and my sense of time is the third thing I have lost. The second thing I lost was my ability to remember things like this. The first thing I lost was... gee, I forget...)