Friday, July 15, 2016


One of the items in Bush's recent State of the Union address that went almost totally unnoticed is his creation of yet another federal bureaucracy: The Department of Corruption, Bribery, and Incompetence. The Onion has the details:
...The Scandal Secretary wil log all wiretaps and complaints of prisoner abuse, coordinate paid-propaganda efforts, eliminate redundant payoffs and bribes, oversee the appointment of unqualified political donors to head watchdog agencies, control all leaks and other high-level security breaches, and oversee the disappearance of Iraq reconstruction funds. He will also be responsible for issuing all official denials that laws have been broken.
"Many of the current scandals in Washington are crucial to the success of my priorities for the nation," Bush said. "The Department of Corruption will safeguard these important misdeeds.
White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card characterized the president's announcement as part of a larger effort to usher in a "new era of scandal management."
"The entire DCBI budget will come from private donors and investors, through an illegal slush fund," he said. "The money we'll save by eliminating redundancies and reducing scandal-related overhead will come back to citizens tenfold in the form of offshore corporate tax savings"...
Well, the current system just isn't working the way it used to. But Bush & Co's solution to everything -- keep adding red tape until the system doesn't work at all -- may have finally found the problem it was destined for. This could be Bush's true legacy: The Dems couldn't shut his presidency down, so he did it himself...
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